...and the daylight freezes when I think of It.


    i wonder.
    probably not that bad.
    about me.
    short story.
    my songs.
    what's philosophy?
  i love.

It just takes some time, little girl
You're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right, all right


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Not now I know Not you I see But who And when Will it be weiterlesen
17.5.08 22:28



Wherever I go I am searching Wherever I come I am looking Wherever I find I am trying But whenever I try It is fading weiterlesen
17.5.08 22:24

Take me To my place To my space My personal room Take me To my choice To my way I will follow Take me To my life To my ... weiterlesen
27.4.08 21:09

release me come and find me be the one thing not to satisfy my unreplied answer but to find the question to the wayless energy in me weiterlesen
23.4.08 16:14

Sometimes I feel like dying Yet I am so alive But then, my life is lying 'Bout what to feel is right weiterlesen
23.4.08 16:00

And sometimes it feels like my heart Like my heart is in emptiness full I don't know where to go with my love And my love it is going so far. weiterlesen
23.4.08 16:01

Where has it gone The feeling like home The one that I miss Where have I come from I can’t feel again What I have once felt And what I los... weiterlesen
14.4.08 19:43

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