...and the daylight freezes when I think of It.


    i wonder.
    probably not that bad.
    about me.
    short story.
    my songs.
    what's philosophy?
  i love.

It just takes some time, little girl
You're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right, all right


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I’d like to know what you feel
My feelings should be true for you
It shows what’s deep in your soul
This is all that’s worth thinking about
Wont you tell me what you feel
This is all that counts
See me crying out my thoughts
About love, you and my world that has just broken apart
It is all I can imagine dominating my mind
Never willing to take me back
Broken up and burst
I’m not able to change my mind
About my feelings for you
Is there something I said or did
That made things between us different
So suddenly, I can hardly understand
That everything should have an end right here and now
Everything that I lived for and I lived for it truly
It is just the thought of a day without you that makes me cry
And the nights, full of fear, when I’m missing the daylight
In that I can at least imagine you’d be back for the night
I should overcome my feelings for you as far as they’re not true
I should feel different, you say
You do already, you have understood that things change
But how can I overcome the only thing I’m made of
I don’t get the meaning of what you’re saying and telling me
You talk
But without any sense to me
Who is the girl?
She is the reason you say?
And me, who made her split us up?
I still can only wonder
And try to find out
I have done things not to make good anymore?
To take back?
But to regret? – I have time for it now?!
No, I don’t regret my love for you.
Not a single day I spent with you.
You leave
Throw the keys to my feet
Slam the door shut
Your things, all gone
The bathroom looks so left behind without them standing here
The mirror is the only one to see how my love to you ends
The only possible way
To leave this world together with me
26.12.07 17:15


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